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What is difference between SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro, and Ultra?

HOTSandisk SD card can be distinguished from the above three types.

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How to distinguish fake Industrial SD Card?

NEWIf you know that any incompatible or unfit industrial memory card can cause serious problem and might be damage user’s devices?

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eFOX support you during this season❤️

NEWPick a color as your LUCKY one.

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Check it out: Sandisk industrial bulk memory card!

NEWWestern Digital has also added “Industrial” series memory cards which can withstand extreme temperature environments through the SanDisk brand. At the same time, in order to meet the memory card needs of current automated machines, such as connected cars and drones, there ...

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what is USB Type-C?

NEWType-A, Type-B, and Type-C, and can be further divided into Type-A, Mini-A, Micro-A, Type-B

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What is USB 3.1?

NEWThe usb 3.1 specification features:

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Ü will never get lost in our memory.

NEWWill you marry me?

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Why is SSD getting slower and slower? Here is Intel official answer.

NEWMany players find that SSDs become slower and slower. What is the main reason?

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What is the Difference between MLC vs SLC and TLC Flash Memory Wafers on Solid-State Drives?

NEWIn the purchase of ssd solid state drives or even smart phones, we often mention mlc slc, and tlc flash memory chips. In Usb, SSD and other solid-state storage products, flash memory chip wafers are the core, which is related to product cost, life and speed. There are thre...

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2019 TAIPEI NEO TRADE AWARD- eFOX is Gold Enterprises!!

NEWReasons for winning the prize:..

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Provide you Samsung PM981 256GB M.2 in Newegg market!

NEWSamsung PM981 256GB M.2 in Newegg market!➱ 

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eFOX USB 3.0 Flash Drive in Newegg (Hot sale✩)

NEWeFOX USB 3.0 Flash Drive in Newegg

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✩Sandisk USB 2.0 CRUZER SPARK✩


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Secutech 2019 International Exhibition

NEW*Secutech 2019 International Exhibition-iCATCH Taiwan*

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efox Micro sd TF card C10 ✪

NEWDellwa efox 32GB Micro sd card(CLASS 10)  

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Afraid of bought a wrong memory card? Check it out with SD Insight APP!

Memory cards are now easy to get, and the price is plentiful and cheap than before.

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How to choose a memory card between mirco sd card and SDHC vs SDXC?

Do you know the difference between SDHC and SDXC for SD card and micro SD? 

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Identify fake or real sandisk extreme pro micro sd like a duck to water.

How to Identify Fake or Real Sandisk Extreme PRO Micro SD? From the perspective of the outer packaging, it is really difficult to distinguish at first glance, but there are still some small flaws that can be found to be different. There are two places in the a..

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Sandisk Commercial-grade Edge Bulk Memory Card

SanDisk Edge microSD card is a commercial-grade card.

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Sandisk SD card C10, 48mb/s memoery card

Thanks for our new Asia client's big support!!

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